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The International Dota 2 championships.

It has been a few weeks since its announcement and currently with over 9.6 million dollars prizepoo l its the biggest event in e-sports history to date.

To be hosted in Seattle in the Key Arena, Valve has set the stage to overdoo previous international tournaments.

16 teams will battle for a chance at a historic prize, from july 8th to july 21st, and here i will bring you a small analysis on each of the teams to make it to the event. Today we start with last years finalist Na'Vi (ukraine) and Alliance (sweeden) who are two of the biggest teams in the western dota 2 scene.

Team Alliance From sweeden.

A team that got formed around the beginning of last year, mixing some new blood with some seasoned veterans, started out with 4 Swedish players and 1 canadian, but wasnt till they manage to replace that canadian player with the 5th player from sweeden that they found their roster which they maintain to date.
Trully a fairy tale story the recently formed team who found amazing form and gaining notoriety when they won the 1st ever european qualifier for the G1 League
( a tournament exclusively Chinese which finals are played in china), going to face the ever feared and previous year's best teams in the world.
Not only did they become the 1st team ever to win a tournament in China, but also did it without dropping a single game, shocking the world and revealing themselves as the team to beat for TI3.
By TI3 they had as dominant performance as the chinese had the year before, going undefeated until the quarter final where they advanced 2-1 over dk, to then continue their path to the finals, where they would face the runner up Na'Vi and take it in a Nail bitter 3-2 in what was called the best series in dota history.
This year after their magnificent last year, have found some bumps along the road, and have lost a lot of consistency on their play, dropping their status as top dogs of the Western Scene, however they have shown some glimpses of that team who dominated the later half of 2013 and are still a force to be reckoned with.

Team Alliance is formed by

Gustav '' S4 '' Magnuson

Jonathan '' Loda '' Berg

Jerry '' EGM '' Lundqvist

Joakim '' Akke '' Akterhall

Henrik '' AdmiralBulldog '' Ahnberg.

Team Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) from Ukraine.

This team has a much longer history in the dota 2 havin been at the top since its beginnings, and maintaining 3 players from the original roster. Having won the 1st international, and even upsetting a lot of chinese teams in the 2nd one, where they lost to a much superior IG team in the finals 3-1, Na'Vi has always been one of the teams to beat in the western scene and even the world, even on 2013, a year dominated by alliance, they always found ways to constantly beat them and give them a run for their money, including The international 3, where they about to win on the last game but a few mistakes cost them the game and the million dollars extra. However since then they have still managed to stay on top of the scene, and being one of the most feared teams if not the most feared teams out there, although as alliance having trouble with consistency, they are most definitively one of the teams to look out for at this years international, and probably one of the favorites to reach the finals once again.

Team Na'Vi is conformed by

Clement ''Puppey'' Ivanov

Danil ''Dendi'' Ishutin

Alexandr ''XBOCT'' Dashkevich

Gleb ''Funn1k'' Lipatnikov

Kuro ''Kuroky'' Takhasomi.

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Sources For team Rosters: Team Na'Vi

Team Alliance

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