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Paying it forward

I just want to share our last conference with Miss Anna Lyn Llacer our computer facilitator.

Anna Lyn Llacer is a 34-year old woman who’s very passionate in the field of computer. After graduating from high school, she had to get different sort of jobs just to get through to college. She experienced variety of work from teaching to cashiering while giving out some of her spare time as volunteer computer instructor in a nearby parish. Even right after she graduated a 2-year associate course in a tech-voc school, Anna has not stopped dedicating time for voluntarism.

If there is one person who has inspired Anna to study and volunteer at the same time, it is Mrs. Carmen Dy Reyes Nietes, a native Filipino who has now migrated to the US but made a promise that she will come back again in the Philippines to help her countrymen. Anna was very fortunate because Mrs. Nietes recognized her skills and sponsored her schooling until she graduated in college in the Asian Institute of Computer Studies with two-year degree course on Computer Technology.

Just last year, Anna’s mother (who also is a volunteer herself) informed her to apply as a volunteer computer instructor in Betty Lou Daul Center in SAC 4. Anna didn’t have any second thoughts and started sharing her skills to the Children International sponsored youth since June, 2013.

In August 3 and 10 last year, Anna, along with other volunteer computer instructors had training about the Intel Easy Steps. For Anna, although she has been teaching computer for the longest time, the training was some sort of a refresher course as she was able to refresh her knowledge and skills on the basic computer programs. All the learnings she gained from the training with Intel facilitators, she has now been applying it to sponsored students she’s teaching.

When asked what she does to difficult students or those who have behavioral problems, she just smiled and answered, “I don’t treat them difficult to deal with, no, I don’t want to make the student feel that way. And if for example the student is not good enough with regard to coping with the lessons, I’ll focus on that student because that person needed my attention more”.

To date, Anna has been doing voluntarism for almost 13 years, starting from the time she was still in college. She may have faced a lot of challenges-enough reason for her to quit and give up, but no, she has not given up providing and sharing service for the sake of others. For her, this is her way of paying everything forward.

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