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Blazing Summer Atmosphere

Blazing Summer Atmosphere

The leaves and branches of the trees have started growing after the devastation of the typhoon Yolanda (with international name Haiyin) in the Visayas Regions of the Philippines. But still, the grown up greens cannot compensate the blazing atmosphere. Only few minutes exposure in sunlight as early as nine o'clock in the morning until as late as four o'clock in the afternoon can damage the skin.

If you have any plans of going to the beach for strolling and swimming; start moving as early as five o'clock in the morning. Swimming can be done for a couple of hours. The best time would be between six until nine o'clock in the morning. Thereafter you can do some shaded and other indoor activities, like games, group chitchats, videoke/karaoke singing, sports and the like.

Spend your early afternoon in reading, computer, short and other worthwhile stuffs. And by four to six o'clock in the afternoon, walking by the shoreline, boating, trekking and other activities while waiting for the sunset would be the best things to do.

In the evening, you can do moonlight and star gazing. Experience the cool and refreshing breeze of the night. It's the best time for dating and partying before another day expires.

Take enough rest because tomorrow would be another blazing day sure.

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