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Some points to keep in mind when writing your Articles

As a blogger or article writes, we do write lots of articles on different subject for different online sites and may be for newspaper or magazine.

But do keep in mind the following things before you submit your articles for publishing on any online sites or for offline publishing.

(1). Check your articles spelling before submitting it.

(2). See that what you write does not contain any filthy language or anything that may hurt others feelings and sentiments.

(3). Keep in mind that what you have written is readable and understandable to others.

(4). Try to give appropriate title to your articles or blogs, because title of your post plays very important role i.e. attracting the readers or visitor to your blogs.

(5). See that you have given the correct tag to your article or blog as per the content of your article.

I knew most of the writer must be doing this, but this is like refreshing for old writer and guidelines for new writers.


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muhammadbakhsh wrote on June 15, 2014, 4:37 AM

Good experience you share keep it up