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So what you do once you log in to this site?

So my friends once you log in to your account at this site what exactly you do? I mean to say your activities here start with?

Once I log in I do the following things on this site.

(1). Visit first “Your Bank” to see my earning

(2). My Profile – To find out how many people have visited and like my post. Then go to each blog of mine and comment back on the comment that are on my post.

(3). Recent Activity – Try to clear most of the notification like new post submission, friends following up, liked and commented on my post etc. Reading, visiting, liking and commenting other members post, following those who are following me etc.

(4). Submitting new post – If I have the time to be online more, then published my new post.

(5).Interacting with other members - Of course I do interacting with other members, that too I have some free time after clearing notification.

The above article have been created by me - siddhinfo

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momathome wrote on June 14, 2014, 11:32 AM

Here is my normal routine:

1) Open my recent activity page
2) then I open new comments on my posts in a new page (one page for each post that has new comments) to see if there are any that need a response
3) Go back to my recent activity page
4) Open up new polls each in a new tab
5) Respond to new polls & comment if I have one
6) Open up new posts (again each in a new tab)
7) Read, like, comment (as appropriate) on new posts
8) Write a post
Then I start the cycle over again.

siddhinfo wrote on June 14, 2014, 12:02 PM

That means after logging to your account here you first go to recent activities that is notification, followed by visiting other activities that are we are suppose to do. It is nice of you for sharing the same.