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Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely

This is what all about on my own opinion, taking it slowly but surely will make us successful the same as our other activities we don't need to rush everything and at the end of time we FAIL. Enjoy yourself posting articles which are full of information and not a useless article to read by your friends or to other members who connected with you. My experienced here on being a rush poster made me FAIL because of my want to earn faster through posting a lot of articles I was tempted to copy other website's information lazily just to posts those copy pasted materials or information which is prohibitted by the site's terms of service and for that it is impossible for me to succeed because the program or can detect that kind of activity. So, I setted my mind from "A greedy poster" to a "Slowly but surely poster" which I inserted effort for thinking and searching for important information to be posted with own understanding to all of my articles so that I can learn a lot of information from different sources. Though I know that you and me are after of the rewards that is why we are force to post rush for us to earn faster, Yes posting fast is really good because you can earn a lot from it but you need to post your own understanding and your own ideas or experienced which you can prove yourself to others. For me, though I am after of the rewards, I tried to relax through setting my mind to "Enjoy on " and because of that I can reach my goal for being "Slowly but surely poster".

It is really hard for me to create an article because I am not a professional writer and I don't have any experienced on writing but because of my experienced in any field of activities from personal to different kinds of activities I learned to write on my own. One thing also is my English and construction of sentences are not good but I tried my best to make my post easy to understand so that the readers can learn from my posts.

Remember the main purpose of this post is to set your mind into "Slowly but surely" which enjoying the features of this program is a big help for us to reach that goal. This mind set will help us even at work or in any activities we have in our own self because life is a long journey which needs to make it slow but with a good result.

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LadyDuck wrote on June 14, 2014, 8:04 AM

This is a beautiful article and I agree so much with what you write. We are here to write good quality articles to make this site grow. This is not a cash machine. I hope people will not make the mistakes I saw on other sites.

jjeeppeerrxx wrote on June 14, 2014, 10:11 AM

Thank you for your response LadyDuck . It's true, lets just enjoy creating articles.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 30, 2015, 12:13 AM

It is nice to meet you on here. I do hope you return and write more quality articles like the one you wrote above.