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Short Story: It take courage to say a little prayer

The royal feast was done and over,

The King desired some new sport to banish care,

And to his jester cried, say out loud to the lowly fool,

"Sir Fool, bow down and kneel now, and make for us a !"

The disrobe his cap and bells,

And stood in the mocking court shivering,

They could not see the fanciful smile on the jester's face,

But after all, behind the painted grin he wore,

He bowed his head lower to the ground.

And bent his knees upon the monarch's silken floor.

His pleading voice arose : As he speaks

His trembling voice begun to sound,

A little that pertains to all,

"O LORD be to me because I'm a ."

Photo Credit: my own modified illustration via Photoshop CS5

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africanpen wrote on June 14, 2014, 11:03 AM

Prayer is very important in our lives