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[Suggestion] Poll vote should be open for everyone vote!

Hello everyone and Good day! Have you wished that the Poll vote should be open for everyone like what “Like This Post”?

“Like This Post” button can be pressed even if the viewer is not registered on personapaper, but if you’re not registered on personapaper, you’re not allowed to “Vote”

As what “FAQS” said

Polls How do I receive coins when I submit a poll?

We have removed the like button and instead are giving you coins based on each vote. So everytime someone submits a vote, you receive a coin. You still receive coins for the views and comments just as any other article.

If in polls they remove the like button and change to “Each Button”, the “Each Button” should be public like “Like Button” does, in this way everyone are welcome to vote on the poll and same earning potential as “Articles”

And please remember & jjeeppeerrxx if you’re going to make a poll you need to follow the rules which is

Keep in mind, that we still need content on a page to monetize its content via our ad network. So we will need a minimum of 400 characters between the "Poll Title/Question" field and the "Additional Commentary" field. You can elaborate as much as you want on the topic, even treat it as an actual post if you wish. But please be sure to include that content so your poll is not removed for violating the rules.

Also keep in mind that you will have no ability to edit your poll after submission. You may delete it if you wish, but editing will not be allowed to keep the intregrity of the submitted votes.”

I'm pointing about your post

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winter wrote on June 14, 2014, 2:28 AM

I am not aware of this one. Wew. As for the suggestion, I think it is a good idea. Having some votes outside the personapaper community. :)

Ruby3881 wrote on June 20, 2014, 2:31 AM

I agree that the option for non-members to vote is a good one.