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Looking Forward to an End

Only with an end of one thing can a new thing begin. Curently the world has gotten rotten to a degree that no one wants to hang around to fix it. If the foundation of a house has crumbled away, then there is only the option of moving to another location, repairing the foundation, or jacking the house up and rebuilding the foundation. In this world right now, we keep trying the third and hardest option.

It might be time to abandon one foundation in order to build a much bigger and stronger one, to support the additions we are trying to build on. Right now the political structures have all collapses over their foundations. No one seems to be able to look at the systems in place now and say 'these systems are broken and have no place in this world now.' Everyone keeps pretending the that world's population has no bearing on the systems meant for much smaller numbers.

Only an end of the current systems will allow better ones to adjust to the people that are here now. I only hope I can convince the world that things need to change.

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