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Eureka--Season One Episode One-1

Eureka is my all time favorite TV show. It ran for five seasons starting in 2006, and I have watched all the episodes many, many times. There is so much science involved, and I always wanted to break down each episode, and write what happens in my own words. All five seasons are on Netflix, so I'm going to rewatch each one, and write about them. This site gives me a perfect excuse! Walter Perkins is working on a Tachyon accelerator in his basement, which gets out of control. This is not something to be played with, as we will see later. This is a City of scientist, and even though it's a cool place--something goes wrong a great deal of the time. Meanwhile, a US marshal is driving with a juvenile delinquent in the back of his car. She is a very young girl with a very big attitude. They are lost, when suddenly she sees herself and the marshal in a car going the other way, and the person who is her is waving and smiling. As the marshal swerves to prevent from hitting a dog (lojack), he loses control of the car and it goes into a ditch. The next morning shows the marshal and the prisoner walking into town, arguing the whole way about the other car, and did the other car have their replicas. I'm going to quit here, but will write again soon. Thank you. Photo credit: By Universal Cable Productions (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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