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You Will Always Be Remembered Dear Nanny

Forever Goodbye Dear Nanny

Yesterday, while browsing and scrolling down my FB page, I have noticed the messages status of one in my friends list. He thanked his aunt for the love and care she has given them and ended it with rest in peace. It's confirmed, she is already dead.

She is the nanny of my son a decade ago during his primary school years. She fetched my son to and from school everyday and prepare his food when they're already home because both of us couple were working. She has always been proud of my son's achievements, as in a way or another she had been part of the honing years.

Only in her middle 40s, she was diagnosed having stage 4 breast cancer few months ago. I saw her last October 2013 in the voting precinct. I have already moved out to a nearby city but still registered and voting in that place.

She was so thin, pale and weak. The happy aura in her face was gone when she greeted me. Another former neighbor told me of her condition and was saddened about what I've heard. The disease was already terminal.

I told my ex about her condition and she sent a little help to her. Better if she can use the aid while still alive as we cannot pay her back the gratitude. My son has also visited her last week because she's already bedridden. In gladness she cried when she saw him. She knew any moment from there she will be gone, and the time has come. Thank you and may your soul rest in peace.

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