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Paying him with the same coin

the first tought that comes trough your mind when you end-up suffering after a least this is what I tought. I kept making scenarios about what am i going to say if we meet by accident on the street, or how I'm going to make him feel miserable when he sees me with another man acting like I was the happiest women on earth. but than again I tought twice about it and I realised there's no point in that. even if he saw me with someone else on the streets he probably wouldn't care as long as he was the one who ended what we have. so the warrior princess inside me gave up to the wisdom and I realised it's time for me to simply move on and leave the past behind

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siddhinfo wrote on June 14, 2014, 11:27 AM

Keep in mind forget about the bad incidence that have happen in life and move with present and future will be their always welcoming you.