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Mosquito bite cure: Yep, it actually works

On one of the popular "life hacks" posts going around social media, there was a suggestion for how to instantly get rid of mosquito bites. I've seen a lot of different ways to stop mosquito bite itching, get rid of redness, and other supposed mosquito bite remedies -- and I've tried them all. None really worked. As luck would have it, the mosquitoes have had a feast off of me during this past week. While I was trying to decide what to write about today, I couldn't concentrate with the insane itching on my legs, back and arms from over a dozen different bites (I know, I know, horrible way to avoid West Nile, but they seem to completely ignore repellants). So, what could it hurt? I decided to give this mosquito bite remedy a try.

The mosquito bite remedy itself is simple: Heat up a spoon under hot tap water, then hold the somewhat heated metal against the bite for a minute or two. It's supposed to destroy the proteins that cause itching in the mosquito bite. A quick search says that mosquito saliva composition is a little more complex than that, but I still had hopes that it'd respond to heat.

Time to try a test mosquito bite. First, I was only able to hold the hot spoon on the bite for about 30 seconds before my cheap, thin spoon went cold. The bite still itched, so I tried two more 30-second applications. It still itched, so I decided that this remedy must also be useless. But within 30 minutes, the itching had stopped. I rubbed the still-red bump, and that rubbing produced a very slight itch. Within about another half an hour, that itch was gone too. Now, two hours later, the test bite is still a little red, but significantly reduced in size and not at all itchy. Not really instant, but certainly effective.

So, it appears this remedy does work. I did the same thing to three more bites about an hour ago, and they are similarly improving. The only difference is that I used a heated butter knife instead of a spoon, so the thicker metal retained heat for almost a minute for each of two applications. Note that you shouldn't heat it any more than hot tap water because you don't want to burn your skin, but give it a try and feel free to share your results.

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sunny2014 wrote on June 13, 2014, 11:23 PM

Oh no mosquito is very danger?

rsmikulin wrote on June 14, 2014, 9:17 PM

Yes, luckily the dangers aren't nearly as bad here as in tropical areas -- the mosquitoes die off every year here. The worst we're likely to get here is West Nile, which can be dangerous, but is not particularly common. We use mosquito repellant, but it only seems to discourage some of them.

Linda-From-US wrote on June 16, 2014, 12:55 PM

Will try this tip. Thanks.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 27, 2015, 1:08 AM

Thanks for the information, those bugs can be so annoying and they can carry diseases.