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What My Dream Means

I Now Know What My Dream Means

I wrote about my dream few days ago if it has and a message for me. Do Some Dreams Have Really Messages To Convey?

I though it was just a recollection of traces in my memory. I have mentioned the politician. He is the country's vice president and being bias, not my favorite. But why he was in my dream together with my former boss who died two years ago.

Last Saturday night, or Sunday morning shall I say, my nephew got an SMS from his sister at the province that my brother passed away. We had been talking about him while having our dinner. He must undergo an operation for his intestinal problem soonest according to the doctor. But here's the news, he was not able to and was gone forever. He was second in the siblings. My nephew and I were discussing about my massive weight loss three days and even mentioned him regarding his hard muscles, nice abs and the smooth skin that we were envious of. We never knew of his pain and health condition then.

Six months ago, I was in the province when my eldest brother passed away also and in time when the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyin) struck our region. The two of us was left home as the rest have evacuated in safer building. We have not talk so much except for petty conversations.

The vision was for me, but I literally ignored it. Now, I am grieving, really hurting and dying inside.

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