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Did Universe 25 Predict The Current Problems of Humanity?

John B. Calhoun did many population experiments that suggest that nature allows a species to exist but if that species does "too well" there seems to be some sort of built in mechanism to stop it from becoming too much of a burden on the planet, effectively causing that species to become extinct.

He did experiments using healthy rats and mice, proving in both cases that food was not the issue (however it should be noted that food may be a huge concern for humanity in the next 20 years). He provided the animals with food, water, and health care. The only thing limited was space. Just as the earth is a limited space, so too was " Universe 25 ", which is what he called the experiment with mice.

He observed (both in rats and mice) a phenomenon he called " behavioral sink ". At first the mice were normal, good parents, social animals and so forth, but as the population grew they changed. Rape became more common as did other sexual deviant behaviors (homosexuality), and incidents of random acts of violence became more and more common (does this sound familiar to modern human society?). Eventually the mother mice were less and less attentive to their young. Then an amazing thing happened, the mice stopped breeding altogether - they stopped acting like mice!

The mice all died off, they moved around, ate, slept, and so forth, but not a single birth took place after that point, they stopped reproducing even though they still could. In rats the same point was reached however some rats did recover and they did start to reproduce again only after the population dropped very low.

I call this a warning for humanity, because our population has more than doubled in the last 30 years and very little is being done even though the same problems are becoming more apparent in our society.

Parents are not "parenting" as much as they use to.

Incidents of random acts of violence (as opposed to wars and such) have increased, especially in over populated cities and areas.

Humans are loosing compassion for one and other.

Are we following the pattern of the rats and mice?

I, personally have been aware of this for many years, it is one of the many reasons I had only one child, and one of the many reasons I talk about concerns of human overpopulation on a regular basis.

PLEASE, as ironic as it may sound, if you want human life to continue the best thing you can do is put off having children until you are at least 25 (30 is better) and limit yourself to one child (even one child is population growth as you are still alive, and very likely your parents are too).

PLEASE remember this has NOTHING to do with food, the rats and mice had plenty to eat, it was the fact that too many of them were living in close contact with others that caused them to have the problems they did.

Image is my own showing that cats can reproduce fast in only a few years - we spay and neuter our cats to prevent this and we euthanize excess cats. What will we do to keep the human population in check?

This article was originally published by me on Bubblews .

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