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Would You Trust This Snake

Working With AI

I am enjoying myself trying out Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the minute, both the text one and the image one.

Commemorative Days

Earlier today I checked out commemorative days coming up in April and in the UK, for instance, April 7th is World Health Day, 22nd April is World Earth Day and 23rd April is World book and copyright day. In the UK, the whole month of April is National Pet Month. As I create coloring pages and books for kids and adults, I thought I would see how good AI is at creating outline drawings for children to color in. I was surprised at how good some of the pictures were but some are just head scratching, like alien creatures or misshapen, with extra limbs and tails in the wrong place!

Pet Snake

One was created when I asked for a picture of a pet snake. Some of them looked like worms in jars, others definitely looked dangerous but one, to me, just begged to be titled, "Would you trust this snake with your child"?

Image Credit » My own, created with AI software

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