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Untapped Niche Discoveries Using AI

More Than One Spring

I have already asked the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot that I am using what the most common questions are on the search engines. This time, I wondered whether I could use it to find some niches that I could write about and that may not have been fully covered by others. Seeing that we have just entered into the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere, I asked ChatGPT (the AI bot I am using) the "Most Common Questions on Spring". What came back was gobbledegook to me but probably not to a computer programmer, so I am assuming there is a programme called "Spring". It therefore pays to define your question as closely as possible.

Refine The Question

I thus asked a more closely defined question, "Most common questions about the season of spring" and got back a list of 15 questions the bot considered to be the most commonly asked questions. There are:

  1. When does spring start?
  2. What is the equinox and how does it relate to spring?
  3. What is the climate like during spring?
  4. What are the typical spring flowers?
  5. What are some popular spring activities?
  6. What is spring cleaning and why is it done?
  7. What are some common spring allergies?
  8. How do animals and wildlife behave during spring?
  9. What is the significance of spring in different cultures and religions?
  10. How does the length of daylight change during spring?
  11. What are the common fashion trends during spring?
  12. How do people celebrate spring festivals such as Easter and Holi?
  13. What are the typical foods and drinks consumed during spring?
  14. What are some popular destinations to visit during spring break?
  15. What are some safety tips for outdoor activities during spring?

Refine It Further For Good Niches For Blogging About

I then decided to refine the question further to look for a good blogging niche and asked "What are some untapped niches covering popular spring activities?" I got the following:

  • Spring camping for families with young children,
  • Sustainable gardening and eco-friendly landscaping tips for spring,
  • Local food and farmers' markets in the spring season,
  • Outdoor adventure activities for seniors during spring,
  • Spring birdwatching and wildlife photography for beginners,
  • Springtime crafts and DIY projects for home decor,
  • Mindfulness and yoga retreats during springtime,
  • Springtime hiking trails and scenic walks in less-known locations,
  • Budget-friendly spring break ideas for college students,
  • Alternative spring break options for volunteering and community service.

These are certainly topics I would not have thought of on my own.

Now, how to check whether these would be good choices. I used a keyword checker to look at "Spring camping for families with young children". I didn't get any results for that but got 1300 searches a month for "Spring camping", with a value of over $2,000. So it seems that a blog post on Spring camping for families with young children might be a good choice and of course the AI can help me write that!

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