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The Nocturnals The Chestnut Challenge

The nighttime creatures are back in this next installment of 'The Nocturnals' The Chestnut Challenge that is written by Tracey Hecht and illustrated by Josie Yee. This is an early chapter book to increase independent reading skills and just in general make reading more enjoyable. 'The Chestnut Challenge' is the story of Tobin and his friends that are going to be introduced to a new friend who has a lesson to learn about being a good sport.

'The Chestnut Challenge' is a story that uses simple language for the beginning reader to easily understand and increase the motivation to learn to read just for the fun of reading. My favorite part of the story was when the friends are playing their favorite game and a new friend is seeming to let them know he was there in the shadows. This is a story that is or could be a story of morals that teaches the lesson 'Cheater's don't win.'

The cover art as well as the pictures throughout done by Josie Yee were brightly colored even throughout the story and the scenes were mainly at nighttime for these were animals that mainly came out at night. The reader will get the same senses as the characters felt through the story and hearing the sounds of the forest due to the phrasing of the words and Josie's artwork. The end of the book is where the author shares some fun facts of each of the characters to share that these characters were based on real animals that really do come out mainly at night, but not in the readers country but somewhere where another reader may see such an animal in its' natural habitat. A true piece of art and writing to be enjoyed by all.

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MegL wrote on February 17, 2023, 12:48 PM

I used to love picture books as an early reader and mourned their disappearance in the more advanced books.