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The Book of Spells

I have written many book reviews over these few years, and a lot of them were for, but there were a few for Pegasus Publishers and Olympia Publishers and some of these reviews I think still on I hope this will not discourage you from reading these reviews.

This is a novel that will let you think that Medival fantasy is a genre that really makes one believe in fantasy as realism. John J. Miller, MD has written 'The Book of Spells' that will make you think that you can recite the various incantations that he wrote and expect something to happen. This is the story of Malecar, a wizard, of the Kingdom of Vilgar and his study of the Dark Arts. He learns how to protect those who are close to him.

This is a book that poses the question 'How can magic work for all?' 'The Book of Spells' is a novel that could start some various history or even various social studies discussions, as in one that could be on English history. My favorite parts were the magic spells in Latin for they were fun to say for I knew a little Latin and was able to translate them. John J. Miller wrote this novel with many well done illustrations done with his words. The scene with 'the Grixler' that was created was one of the most descriptive parts of the story and one of my favorite parts along with all the Latin incantations. A classroom teacher could use some of the Latin words and connect them to the English translations or even just as an interesting spelling test. 'The Book of Spells' is definitely a read for young and old alike.

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