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The Hug

'Who doesn't need a hug?' 'The Hug' is a children's picture book of two characters in search of a hug and go about this task asking anyone for a hug. This is a story of Hedgehog and Turtle. These two are the one's in search of an elusive hug that in finding a hug will also find a friend. These two find a lot of forest animals and ask the question.

This is a picture book that is perfect for the Pre-kindergarten and the Day Care child, and maybe even for the Special education child to teach about friendship and emotional support. The pictures were drawn throughout the story as only a child could appreciate them. They the author and the illustrator Eoin McLaughin and Polly Dunbar used primary colors that the children know and the language that is used throughout the book was simple to follow and with the repetition would make it easy for the children to share the story. Other activities on could lead is to have the children count the animals, name the colors, and maybe even name the animals after reading or listening to the story. In other words this is a picture book for teachers to use across the curriculum and even to help in emotional social learning. Also, it is a good book to teach directionality with the way the physical book was made. This review was published else where a few years ago.

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MegL wrote on February 17, 2023, 12:46 PM

Sounds like a good book for discussing feelings