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Last Puffs

Here is another book review that I wrote back in 2018, I think, but I do know it was quite awhile ago. 'Last Puffs' is an adult novel written by Harley Mazuk. "Who's ready for an old-fashioned gumshoe adventure?" Harley Mazuk has done this with his novel 'Last Puffs'. 'Last Puffs' is all about two friends Frank and Max and a relationship with Amanda during a time in history right before World War Two. Frank is a private eye and tries to care for his family and Max is a public defender, and during a particular case they both believe they see their love interest of years ago.

'Last Puffs' is a book that is kind of formulaic in the detective genre and Frank is in the background as the narrator like in those Sam Spade books and movies. The story moves along in a quick fashion as a real page turner. This is a diverse story of cultures as well and how we all survive any way we have to within our lives and others. Harley writes snipets of other novels that fits in with his story from 'Double Indemnity' by James M. Cain and a few others as well. These little snipets bring these two friends together and how it makes their issues understandable. 'Last Puffs' is a novel that I thought was about what smoking does to a person, but back in the days of private eyes that is what they did to help them think through a case till it was solved. Friends and relationships change, but do stay the same depending on the facts of the case.

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MegL wrote on February 16, 2023, 2:29 PM

Detective stories are very popular. I have enjoyed reading many over the years. No other versions according to copyscape