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Private LA (a book review)

James Patterson has written a crime story entitled 'Private LA' along with Mark Sullivan who adds more knowledge to this part of the series. In writing 'Private LA' James and Mark enter the life of detectives trying to figure out why a person would just up and kill whomever. It is a Hollywood murder/disappearance case that is centered around actors and more particularly about The Harlow's and their children for they were all included in a crime in some way. Jack Morgan and Justine Smith are private investigators that must find out why this famous acting team disappeared after coming back recently from a vacation.

James Patterson and Mark Sullivan have written quite a pictorial piece of writing. Their descriptions of the many scenes in the book were quite graphic, but this will make the reader keep reading. The format of the book is that the chapters are very short just barely one or two pages, which makes this novel a very quick read that could be read in one sitting, but for me I took two days to read 'Private LA' and you will feel the action of the story, as you will feel all the emotions of the characters one way or another.

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MegL wrote on January 17, 2023, 3:34 PM

Sounds an interesting way to write a book with very short chapters.