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A New Year

Hope everyone had a good New Years holiday. Today, I finally finished up taking down Christmas. Well, I was the one who went back and forth carrying the bog totes to the shed. My sister has a lot of Christmas decorations mainly Christmas villages and some of the decorations that belonged to my mom and dad. I also dusted the walls and floors and put back several pieces of furniture that had to moved to put the Christmas tree up as well as some sit around decorations. I hope you all know what they are. The ones you can just sit in a place without a lot of fuss and you can move them easily. Since I am in the Deep South this first week of the new year I also mulched up some leaves for maybe a Spring garden. Now that the yard is somewhat more presentable and the house is clean and put back to normal I can sit and do my writing and reviews.

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MegL wrote on January 6, 2023, 5:26 PM

I take it you had warm weather over Christmas? The weather is not too bad but occasional frost at night, however, we expect colder weather later in January and in February.