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Winter Time

My favorite time of year no matter where I am located. I am most definitely a snow person who was raised in the North or better said in Western Pennsylvania where it does snow if the everything cooperates weather wise. Growing up I remember snowball fights, making snow forts, ice skating and many other wintertime activities. This was also a time where family and friends would kind of visit more often it seemed. For in the summer they always seemed to go on summer vacations or invited wherever. The only event that I remember going to in the summer were the family reunions when back to school activities were starting for back then we started school late August and the family reunions were like if I remember right about one to two weeks before. Getting back to winter time and being my favorite time of year also meant other than the snow activities just being able to stay in and read a good book or do some sort of craft like hooking a rug or making a picture to hang on the wall. I even remember watching my mom and learning how to crochet, but I really can only do one stitch the single crochet, but I also did learn how to do needlepoint and long stitch to this day. Winter time is a quiet time just to relax and enjoy. I wish it would snow more down in the South and in particular Louisiana. That would be perfect.

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MegL wrote on December 19, 2022, 4:42 PM

We don't see a lot of snow here in Northern Ireland and I can't say I am unhappy about that!