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Victorian Street Fair 2022

Whitehead County Antrim

The Victorian Street Fair is held on the last Saturday in November each year, although it was not held the past two years due to Covid restrictions. But it was back bigger and better than ever this year. I don't have photographs of it because I was on a stall selling my books in one of the halls, so didn't have an opportunity to check out the candy (sweets), like candy floss, yellow man, swirled lollies and other tooth rotting confection, nor the other stalls, apart from those nearby in the same hall as me.

My grandchildren got rides on the carousel or the teacup rides (depending on age) and saw the giant steam traction engine and other attractions. I bought a knitted hat for one grandson and a scarf for my sister in law. Later, I took 3 of my grandchildren to see the fireworks that are held (depending on weather) after the switching on of the Christmas street lamp lights and the Christmas tree lights.


On the way back from the fireworks, one of my granddaughters asked why I had bought her brother a hat and not her. I explained that a couple of days earlier, I had given both her and her sister a maze book each and nothing to their brother (he had not complained). She then asked how much I had spent on the hat! The hat and the books had been pretty much the same cost, which I told her and she said nothing more. Kids!


This maze book is not yet available from my site, as it needs a bit more work, so she is using a proof copy.

The main picture is of my table at the Victorian Street Fair, selling my books.

All available books can be seen at They are available both in the UK and the US

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VinceSummers wrote on November 28, 2022, 7:26 PM

Kids have a way of keeping accounts, don't they? As do grand-kids.

MegL wrote on November 29, 2022, 4:16 PM

That is VERY true! LOL