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"Crimson Reflections" Art Design, With Evening Notes

I had a great evening overall, my son briefly had a fever but I am thankful to say it subsided. He is presently sleeping soundly, my wife is beside me as I type this. She is working on a diamond , a hobby she's been doing for over a year. Earlier, we watched movies together and had pizza for dinner. I did some new earlier, which you can see below. I don't know that it's my best design ever, but I still liked making it.

I titled it "Crimson Reflections" for obvious reasons. I will in the very near future be uploading some new experimental pieces with commentary, so something for the community here to look forward to.

J.N.R Dutton

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MegL wrote on March 28, 2022, 5:20 AM

Love the sheen on the horse's body