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The Lowdown Truth #27: Perceptive Illusions (Banned by YT)

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The perception of American citizens and people worldwide is the focus of the social engineers who are manipulating the storyline to control the masses. The perception the rulers of evil are presenting is an illusion with a double and triple cross plot — however many needed to fool us. Regardless of the enemy’s best attempts to brainwash the masses, many of us have escaped their tactics and are bathing in the eternal sunshine of truth. This very much infuriates the Jesuit/Zionist led NWO because it shows how pitiful they really are; that they couldn’t fool a lowly peon like me who was born into the lie shows they are very limited in reality — the reality beyond the perceptive illusions they are working so very hard to make us believe. Poor pitiful scumbag NWO zombies.

Guess what rulers of evil, I don’t believe your lies. Rather, I believe in the KJV Holy Bible and in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. More bad news for the enemy, you will be destroyed in the end by a power you are afraid to even speak of, that is Jesus Christ, the name above all names, the one and only God of all creation.

This show has been approved by YouTube as certified truth, as it was banned by them and given great honors in the process. Thank you communist scumbags for separating those who are scumbags like yourself from those who are not scumbags and truly care about humanity and the truth. The truth you are afraid to let loose, for it will expose your lies and deceptions. Enjoy and be blessed in Jesus.

We need to rise to a higher intelligence, we need the mind and heart of Jesus Christ.

Originally published at The Lowdown Truth Sept. 25, 2021

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