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The Lowdown Truth #26: Coming Right Wing Backlash

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The coming right-wing backlash is what I think the end game is for the plandemic and subsequent political schemes being used against the people. My ebook Trump Methodology explains this in more detail, albeit years before the plandemic.

What would be absurd to believe is not that there is a nefarious conspiracy to rule the world, rather that the ruling elite really care about the little people and are trying to help, now that would be hard to believe! All the evidence shows otherwise for those who love the truth enough to seek it and believe it. What this means for our lives is that we need to separate, resist, and expose this Jesuit Vatican led NWO and their Beast system being set up to oppress us and take our souls to hell. Ultimately, make sure you know the Lord Jesus Christ as you Savior — He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Originally posted on The Lowdown Truth August 8th, 2021

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