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A Correction for My Tattoo Sketch

In my last post, I talked about designing a tree of life tattoo for my friend. I had submitted a "comp sketch" to him for approval. Unlike a rough sketch or a thumbnail sketch, which are just small, quick sketches to work out an initial design idea, a "comp" sketch is a comprehensive sketch, which is to say it is a detailed, finalized sketch that shows how the final art will appear. It gives the client a chance to get a good feel for what the final art will look like and make any requests for changes before the final art is completed.

I submitted the comp sketch to my friend (you can see it in the last post), and he made a request for me to make the entwined couple a little less prominent, like they are within the tree trunk instead of actually being the tree trunk. I achieved this by thickening the trunk around them and adding a woody bark texture to them so that they blended in more. In addition to making the trunk thicker, I added a little bit more to the tree branches to fill out that area, as well. Here is the pic, which received final approval. Next step, the finished art! What do you think it will look like?

Image Credit » My original artwork

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MegL wrote on August 27, 2021, 10:38 AM

It looks great and it's nice for your friend that he can get changes so it looks the way he wants. Hope the tattoo artist is as good as you!