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Back again

Gosh I thought this site was closed down, I've been searching and searching but couldn't remember. Oh how I missed this site. I just stumbled upon my old Facebook account and while going through it I stumbled on a post from here and voila am back for good. Six whole years, Jesus thats like eternity. Anyways am back and am back for good. Anyone noticed my absence? I guess not😢😢. Anyways I got a lot to write about. I just hope these kids would let me write freely without any distractions. Oh am now a graduate of fashion and I now run my own school. I'll be posting images of finished products and maybe what inspired it and how it was created and all that, if anyones interested. See you guys for now

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MegL wrote on August 24, 2021, 2:48 PM

Welcome back. Please note, the site does NOT pay for posts. You are welcome to write here, post (family friendly) photos etc. But there is no commission, pay or moolah.