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Making Use Of This Blog Site

I'm logging on here so rarely that I actually needed to use the option of resetting my password in order to get back on. I'm a bit surprised that the site has continued to survive, but it looks like it's just barely in existence. It begs the question, should any of us even bother logging on and making even the most basic posts?

I have other places that I use to blog, and I initially joined here because of the possibility of earning a few bucks while doing something I enjoy doing. It wasn't long after I joined here when the site ceased to be a paid a blog site. The blog option remains, but most of the people left as soon as they realized they weren't going to make any money out of it.

Is the idea of just sticking around to be a part of a community of writers enough incentive to keep posting here? That doesn't seem to be the case. There aren't very many people who want to post, and I'm probably wasting my time. I'm just logging in to express a thought or two, and who knows? I may not be back, or I may log on and post again.

The picture I posted here was something I shot at a friend's property. He and his wife built a go kart track in their backyard, and they actually hold events where they get a few dozen people to bring their karts and go racing. It's just something to do on a weekend with your family, and it's a nice atmosphere there. He's had a challenge dealing with unhappy neighbors, but it looks like they have reached some sort of compromise.

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MegL wrote on April 23, 2021, 5:51 AM

Hi The_Observationist welcome back to blog. No, the site does not make any money but a few people blog occasionally. The site still has a reasonable rank, so a link from here can be helpful if you want to boost SEO for a site.

lookatdesktop wrote on April 29, 2021, 9:03 PM

I check back when I have time to do so, just to see what new posts have been made here. I read and write my own posts on several platforms, but because of the fact this site continues to exist, I continue to visit and post a few of my own articles. I welcome you to post anything, anytime. Feel free. It is always good to have more than one social media resource, if for nothing than the sheer fun of it.