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The Lowdown Truth #24: Emerging NWO (Banned by YT)

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Just to add to the video content: I believe they will recall the vaccines before everyone takes the shot because of the adverse effects, yet the damage to the older generation will already be done. Basically, their plan is to depopulate the older generations and if they get to everyone that’s just a bonus to their blood lust.

Censorship at YouTube This show has the approval of the NWO, as one of their servants YouTube has taken down this video for not following community standards. You know the drill with censorship and big tech these days of Covid insanity.

This is the first time my videos have been taken down before; I did get a strike once before for a culturally insensitive infraction, yet they left the video up. This time, no warning, they just took the video down and then sent me an email informing me of their hard but necessary decision.

In the video, I talk about the inevitable end to the dissenters’ ability to access the internet and buy/sell in the controlled market. This is why they are taking down all the private restaurants, shops, gyms, and other businesses, because they can then bring in their fascist corporate multi-national food chains and shops to fill in the gap and give them control over the economy, food, materials, and services.

Essentially, those who don’t believe the lies and won’t go along with the plans of the NWO will be cut out of their system completely. How long until this happens? Likely, within years. Maybe 2025? 2030? Depends on when God will allow it, once enough people have lost faith in the Holy Bible and turn toward the world and the Beast system run by the AntiChrist, then the darkness will be sufficient for them to then exclude all true Bible believers and other dissenters from their technologically controlled system.

The writing is on the wall. Really, there is no way of stopping the technological advances which are quickly enslaving us by means of controlling our work, education, money, and home lives. Every aspect of society is being taken over and transitioned into a centralized technologically controlled sector for the NWO. The satanic ruling elite will ruin everything before they fail miserably in their wicked efforts (under the guise of altruism and safety).

This is the entire point of Uber, Airbnb, and the rest of the sharing economy apps . To destroy those private industries playing by the rules ( sharing economy doesn’t play by rules and are invested in by super-rich celebrities and businessmen, i.e. the NWO and their cronies) and then control all the private industries with a centralized multinational corporate fascist company they can easily shut people out from using or working if they don’t comply with their draconian, fascist, tyrannical, and Satanic NWO agenda.

The NWO can only do all this because the masses believe their cable and mainstream media/culture. “They have the power, so they must be right,” This is their brainwashed reasoning leading us to ruin. As long as the masses believe in their lies, whether lie A, B, C, or D, then truth lovers will be deemed as enemy number one by so many different tactics.

Censorship will likely take down this blog soon enough as well considering is a Google product just like YouTube is.

I’m at the point now where I’m about done spending time online. Spending all of this time writing, podcasting, and building/maintaining the network is time I could be spending doing something else like becoming self-sustainable, learning survival skills in the wilderness, and otherwise transitioning away from this system.

My plan for continuing to spread the truth and Gospel online: I will continue to post on every platform that will allow free speech and truth. Those who censor I will expose and move on. This might mean all my blogs are lost, so be it, I will write a blog somewhere else. The main point is I will continue to speak truth to power because people need to be informed about both sides of every controversy and to win souls to Jesus Christ.

What else can I do but write and believe in the Holy Bible? I live to learn and share the truth, that is true substance, not money, fame, materials, etc. Spending time seeking, learning, and sharing the truth is the most valuable thing we can do with our temporary time here on this flat Earth. Those who sell out for money and temporary gain are the real losers in the end. Truth will always prevail and to fight against it is to fight against your own soul and the God who created it. I pity the fool.

Originally published at The Lowdown Truth March 21, 2021

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