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Alexa Ratings for Persona Paper

Hello everyone and anyone, just wanted to let those interested know, Persona Paper is ranked 949k in the world today. I remember years back when it was in the 200k range. Neither is very impressive, yet I don't blame that on PP.

I like this site and wonder why it didn't get more popular. Maybe they weren't paying people? That's why I left Bubblnews, or was it Bubblews? Whatever, those were interesting times, making money from a social site/blogging site -- not a bad idea.

Remember RedGage, they are still around, just barely alive, sort of like PP. There was another I really liked but can't remember, started with a D I believe, was gone before Bubblews started to get big.

ChatAbout was good, I made some money there, but I think they stopped paying me or banned me from the site? MintVine did that to me for sure, be weary of MintVine.

I'd like to see a PP revival. Get some affiliate marketing going on and make another go of it.

Thanks for the memories anyway, God bless ya'll in Jesus.

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MegL wrote on February 27, 2021, 5:03 PM

Hi Lowdown0 , unfortunately Personapaper lost its Google Adsense account if I remember rightly; and with that, the ability to earn much money. I seem to recall that some people seemed to be trying to game the system with false clicks on adverts and Google just pulled the plug and would not reinstate the account! With no money coming in, the writers could not be paid and this remains the case at present. You are welcome to write on the site, however, PP is unable to pay for contributions.

AliCanary wrote on April 19, 2021, 1:21 AM

Meg is right--we lost Google, and so the original creators of the site hustled and tried EVERYTHING to try to get us some earnings - some of the ads were pretty terrible - but the problem was that so many writers had piled on back when the site was paying well but then couldn't be bothered to contribute anything when the earnings started to get smaller, so the site slipped farther and farther. I did receive two payouts--one when I'd earned $25, and another one when they decided to get rid of ads and stop paying, they paid everyone what they had earned up till then, which I thought was very kind. No other site ever did that, except for Yahoo. Hell, Bubblews closed down owing EVERYONE money!