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Idea For A Fourth Back To The Future Movie

Biff Tannen knows that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went back in time. You have to remember that old Biff handed young Biff the sports almanac. Marty and Doc went back in 1955 to retrieve the almanac from young Biff. Biff listened to the radio as a college game was finishing up, looked at the book and understood that the book had the final scores in it. He knew that the book was important.

Young Biff had been warned by old Biff that some kid or a wild-eyed scientist might come back at some point and try to steal the book from him, and he knew the book had scores in it. He may not have had a plan for what to do with the book and was still skeptical at the time, which is why he didn't place his first bet until 1958.

However, things were about to happen to him that drove home the point that this book was real. Marty tried to get that book from him, and it was enough of an ordeal that Biff would not forget about it. Furthermore, he saw the flying car. The loss of the book was followed by him crashing into yet another manure truck. This is the second time that Marty caused him to do that. He now pretty much knew that this Calvin Klein character and the old man had traveled back in time. Biff was just a thug in 1955.

After being hit by George McFly, his relationship with him changed. George standing up to him earned his respect. Thusly, Biff did business with George and never really messed with him again. However, he was aware of Calvin Klein and the old man traveling back in time. It would become more apparent to him around the time that the first Back to the Future movie ended.

Because of the way time had been changed and Biff's life course had been altered, one effect was his interest in time travel. Biff wasn't much of a reader, but he started taking an interest in time travel stories and things of that nature. We take a bit of a leap that he is aware that Doc Brown is an eccentric scientist and Marty befriended him.

The light bulb goes on over Biff's head. He puts two and two together and realizes that Marty will go back in time and screw up his life. Biff has a theory. Marty can't go back in time and mess with him if he's unable to do so. We could have Biff strike up a conversation with George since he knows George writes short science fiction stories. He talks to him about time travel before coming up with his idea. He's going to stop Marty and Doc from becoming close friends by sabotaging their friendship.

Since we don't know the entire Tannen family, Biff has a daughter named Brittany. If it's not Biff's daughter, it is his niece. He wants her to do him a favor and befriend Doc Brown and ace Marty out of the picture. Brittany, being a Tannen, won't do it for free. She hustles her father to pay her money to do this for him. She really doesn't like science. She's more into fashion. She fakes it well enough and becomes Doc's assistant.

The timeline is now in danger of being altered. If Doc and Marty aren't friends then Marty doesn't have his initial adventure back to 1955 where he alters the destiny of George McFly. George will be the pushover that we see at the beginning of the original movie, being bullied by Biff. The family will pretty much be what we saw at the beginning of the original movie, but nothing else will happen.

That in itself might not be such a big deal. So what if time goes back to what it was originally meant to be? We can have a subplot where Biff is going to use time travel to again take control, but this time he'll make sure that Marty and Doc aren't around to stop him.

It's doubtful that Robert Zemeckis or Bob Gale will ever go back to this franchise again, and I wouldn't ask them to. The first three movies are fine on their own. However, more movies could have been made, and they wouldn't necessarily be bad. Given Hollywood's woke nature these days, maybe it's not a bad idea to leave it alone.

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MegL wrote on July 10, 2020, 4:26 PM

You know, I have only ever seen the first movie, I didn't know there were two others! You could really mess things up by playing around with time!