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How Much Air Time Did She Get

I'll never understand the need to block a freeway in a protest. I know to the people doing it, there's meaning. I just think it's stupid. I'm a bad person for saying that according to some, but ask me if I care? The answer is I don't.

The people using the freeway are working for a living. They don't have time to protest. They have bills to pay. Personally, I think they contribute to the problem in a way, because they never take a stand on anything as the world gets worse. Then again, the system controls them as their main focus becomes working and paying the bills. Meanwhile, the laws change around them without them even voicing an opinion.

The problem is not just that these idiots block the road to protest whatever they're whining about. They lose my support at this point, because their actions take away from the message they're trying to convey. For example, these idiots surround cars, break windshields and sometimes even drag people out of their cars and beat them. I have no sympathy for freeway protesters at that point. They get what's coming to them.

On a dark freeway in Washington, a driver went through a barricade. It was dark, and I don't think they saw the people. In fact this person swerved to avoid people but knocked two people into the air. The sad part is one of them lost their lives. Even now all I can think is, how far did these people fly through the air? I feel bad that it makes me chuckle.

Sadly, one of them was an idealistic 24 year old woman named Summer Taylor. She was out there for what she felt was noble reasons, and she died on a freeway after being knocked through the air. Not a very glorious way to go out. Will people even remember her and why she died? We'll she even be a footnote? I guess I'm doing my part in acknowledging her existence by saying she was one of the victims.

By the way, the driver of the car ruins the narrative that the media would like to spread. Therefore, they won't spend a lot of time on it. This wasn't some racist white guy who didn't agree with the Black Lives Matter protest. This was just a black guy who did what he did for whatever reasons. He'll have to answer to the law for what he did.

In summary, a black guy killed a white protester, but that doesn't help the media push the racially charged narrative they want. Go figure.

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MegL wrote on July 10, 2020, 3:31 AM

They get publicity. For some, that is all that matters, no matter who else gets hurt on the way!