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If I Had Wings!

If I had wings Which I was selfishly denied I will fly, and fly and fly When I finish flying I will fly again I will compete with the eagle And defeat him in height Any tallest tree or mountain I will fly there The sky will not be the limit I will fly beyond Only If I had wings I will fly and fly How often we fail to fly Yet wings we have them at hand We have our jobs to do Yet we laze around If we had wings We shall never fly There are those with wealth They carelessly use it There are those successful Yet what they do... They have wings They do not fly If I had wings.... Wishes are not horses Beggars will ride and ride Yet wishes are not horses We need to work to succeed And stop only wishing If you want wings Then make them You can buy an aeroplane And fly places Yes we can Only if we stop wishing And not acting Action should speak Should speak more than words Keep on flying Fly to higher heights

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