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Stories in Lockdown

I have been reading a LOT of stories on Hubpages recently. I enjoy reading the chapter by chapter ones, it only takes a short time to read through a chapter and then I can go back to work, waiting for another chapter to appear - that might be the next day or a few week's time, depending on the author and their writing speed. Three of the stories I have been reading are published ONLY on Hubpages. The fourth is a page by page account of how an artist designed and created a children's alphabet book using fairy tales from around the world. That book can be bought from

Fairy Tale Alphabet Book

Denise McGill is an artist and has written lots of article on Her latest series of articles is about how she created a children's alphabet book as part of her advanced studies. She has now published it on The book uses folk tales and fairy stories from around the world. Here is one of her articles on Hubpages - it is a Norwegian tale about an old widow and her daughters .

Sci Fi - Science Fiction

One of the Sci Fi Stories I have been reading is called The Nemesis Within and is by Jacqueline Williamson. It is a thriller type story about scientists, one of whom is a spy and a renegade who does something very silly, on the lines of Jekyll and Hyde. The link is to chapter one of the story. Currently it has reached chapter 12 and there are more to come.

Sci Fi - Dystopian Novel

Another story I have got caught up in is called Different Times and includes Artificial Intelligence, augmented humans and enclosed cities. This one is by Jack Shorebird and reminds me slightly of "Do Androids Dream Of Electronic Sheep". Again, the link is to chapter one. This has reached chapter 6 so far.

Paranormal - debunking

This story is about a TV series that sets out to debunk alleged psychic abilities in people who try to defraud others. Debunked is by Beth Perry and has currently reached chapter 4. Again the link is to chapter 1. The story follows one of the researchers who begins to find strange things happening, linked to the loss of a young child, years before.

I am enjoying all of these stories (though the fairy tale book series is now complete) and hope that others may enjoy these too.


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VinceSummers wrote on May 9, 2020, 2:05 PM

I'm going to fiddle with The Man Who Downloaded the Internet, as you've suggested.

As to the paranormal or psychic powers stuff, I keep far away from that stuff.

MegL wrote on May 9, 2020, 2:13 PM

I look forward to reading The Man Who Downloaded The Internet. Your outline sounded interesting.