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I Love You More Than ... Tiny Terror

Long Time No See

It's a long time since I wrote a Tiny Terror story. It's not that she has disappeared but she has got older and is less of a terror now because she does not need to be watched just as closely. That honour now goes to her little brother, who has just passed the age of 2 years but who is not as bad a terror as she was at that age.

Staying At Granny's

The Tiny Terror and her big sister still love staying with Granny and Grandad and especially so after they have been to the beach and need to call in to change out of wet sandy clothes. After all, if you have just had a warm bath, you shouldn't really go outside again until it is after bedtime!

I Love You More Than...

The Tiny Terror has recently discovered the joys of eating "Shreddies". This is a malted cereal made from wheat and shaped like small squares with a woven texture. Being whole grain, they are a reasonable breakfast or supper with milk and my husband has recently taken to eating them for his supper (always porridge for breakfast) so there is always a packet in the house. When the Tiny Terror saw the Shreddies, she wanted some. She wanted a BIG bowlful and grandad said jokingly, "I think you love those Shreddies more than me".

Totally seriously she returned with "Oh no, I love you more than Shreddies, and I love granny more than Shreddies too!"

I wonder what else is on the scale of "More Than Shreddies".

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VinceSummers wrote on April 24, 2020, 8:58 PM

In this country, we had Wheat Chex. I ate them. They weren't bad. But I preferred heavily sugared cereals such as Corn Pops, Sugar Smacks, and Rice Crinkles (they were like Rice Krispys, only glazed).