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Conservatives win General Election

In what must have been a shock even to some Conservatives, the Tories have won yet another General Election here in the UK. Yet again they were unable to deliver Brexit and again called an election hoping for a bigger majority to enable them to do so, only this time they have only gone and done it!

Now let me say I am about as far from a Conservative as you could get without falling off the left hand side but this is also the most conflicted I have ever felt about voting and I have voted in every election since before I was even 18 (my birthday fell within x amount of days of the election that year which entitled me to vote even though I was still 17).

No matter how I voted I would be voting for something I did not want. Now people don't tend to like telling you who they voted for but I will, for the most part over the years I have voted for the Liberal Democrats, you would think from my description of my ideology I would perhaps vote Labour but I have just never really gelled with their way of thinking for a variety of reasons over the years. Problem this time round is that the Lib Dems want to stop Brexit, since I am pro Brexit this obviously doesn't sit right with me. It is not even that I am pro Brexit actually, it is that I am pro democracy, there was a democratic vote for Brexit - that is the will of the people and that is what should happen, if it doesn't then we might as well forget democracy all together! After all, democracy is not simply asking the same question over and over until you get the answer you want.

I could have voted Labour but that means potentially helping Jeremy Corbyn get into power and I am not sure I could live with that. He also wont commit in any fashion as to what he would do about the problem that is Brexit, I mean he actually stated he would stay neutral - this is the man that wants to run the country and he has no opinion on its current biggest issue!

I could have voted Green or one of the smaller parties but what is the point in that? They are never getting any sort of power in the situation we are currently in, its statistically improbable that a vote for any of the smaller parties would be worth the mark on the paper.

I could of course have voted Conservative since after all they are the only party promising that Brexit will happen and that is what I would want to see. A vote for the Tories is also a vote for Boris and a vote for further cuts, more austerity, selling off the NHS, closing more hospitals, and probably a whole lot more bad stuff. I could never support them.

I am Scottish as you know so that gives me the luxury (as some would see it) of being able to vote for the Scottish National Party, lets face it they were always going to win the majority of Scottish seats anyway. A vote for the SNP means more independence talk, more demanding a repeat of that 'once in a lifetime' referendum we had just a few years back (see above about asking the same question over and over till you get the result you want). It means more Nicola Sturgeon who in fairness I think is a far better politician than her predecessor and it means more people banging on and on about Scottish passports and getting away from 'Westmonster' people think the SNP are amazing for Scotland and that all our problems come from the Westminster government not giving us enough of our own money back, what they don't realise is that a lot of the things they complain about are actually under the jurisdiction of the Scottish parliament and nothing to do with Westminster in the first place.

I could have voted for an independent candidate however not only would that have been utterly pointless (see above about smaller parties) but there actually wasn't an independent candidate standing in my constituency so I couldn't have done this anyway.

So what did I do?

I stood in the cubicle thingy feeling terribly conflicted, here I am one of a minority of people with an actual understanding of politics (its not taught routinely in schools here but I studied politics at college) with not one single clue what to do for the best. If I was that conflicted I wonder how many other people felt the same. In that moment I honestly had no idea what to do, every decision was a bad one. I cast my vote and it made no difference, the SNP won my seat, they were always going to its one of their many safe seats.

So now we move on, or do we? I mean this is the second Conservative prime minister to try and get Brexit done, we were told no matter what we were leaving on 31st of October which we clearly didn't. Are we ever going to get out of this stalemate? The process was meant to take two years!

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MegL wrote on December 13, 2019, 6:00 PM

Living in Northern Ireland, we have our own parties over here. The Conservatives have started organising here (but do not have a mission of getting a seat) but Labour does not. I think it is very instructive to look at the role of the MSM - main stream media - in fashioning people's opinions about the issues and personalities involved. I was never very interested in politics until recently, although I voted in every election, for a centre ground candidate. Then one of my sons started sending me alternative information - newspapers that are NOT part of the MSM, which is owned and run by foreign billionaires. Once I started seeing the alternative viewpoints, I could see how demonising a particular person could really alter the whole course of an election. Apparently, when people are asked which policies they would vote for, they vote differently from when they are asked which party or personality they would vote for. I disagree with a couple of your points, however, the election is over and there is no point in rehashing old ground. What's done is done and we must live (and some people will die) with the results.

melody23 wrote on December 14, 2019, 11:16 AM

It's why they made Margaret Thatcher have a makeover all those years ago - people vote for the party whose leader they like rather than their actual policies. I cannot imagine all the damage the current political situation is doing in Northern Ireland, it truly must be a scary time for you guys. I'm stuck with talk of independence for the foreseeable future here, there will be no real talk about any other issues, nothing else will get done whatsoever. In all the time the SNP has been in power, they have done very little actual passing of bills and you know the stuff they are meant to do but they have done a tonne of work on their independence dream.

Thing is apparently in this country we do not need to live with the results - we can just ask the question again, call another election, another vote on independence, another EU vote. We need to stop this, we just need to get on with whatever needs done (I am actually past caring if we leave or stay in the EU now), get it done and move on.

MegL wrote on December 14, 2019, 1:35 PM

Yes, voting for the leader they like instead of the policies they want! Crazy.