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Something Your Doctor Will Never Tell You!

We all want good health (if we're in our right mind) don't we? So if we are sick, we look for help.

Advertisers know it. Some offer quality products. Some questionable products.

Some offer products no one will ever benefit from, or if they do, it will be marginal at best.

How do they advertise those products? Some of them will use words such as the title of this article...

"We offer a health aid that will fix your problem. It is something your doctor will never tell you about. He wants you to keep coming to him and paying for his services."

Will you click on the ad? Or, more to the point, were you born yesterday? Do you have a sheet of paper on your back that reads, "Sucker".

Greed is often behind these false ads. Sometimes the provider is being sincere, but he or she is really sincerely paranoid. Believing doctors are conspirators.

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MegL wrote on December 2, 2019, 5:03 PM

Problem is, those words are "Clickbait", that is, the words used are ones designed to get you to click on the link. I might not click on those particular ones, but I click a lot on animal ones, even though I KNOW they will take me to a whole load of pages that take forever to tell a story, with very few words on a page and LOTS of adverts. Headings like,.. But when the rescuers found out these pups were not dogs, they .... or The nest was blown from the tree and landed in the swollen river, what next ..... Some of the clickbait headlines are just TOO over the top (OTT) but most are written to entice you to read some kind of story.

melody23 wrote on December 6, 2019, 10:52 AM

advertising like this is banned in the UK, you can't make unsubstantiated health claims, although it doesn't stop people on the internet from trying