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What's new with me

What's new with me? The honest answer is nothing! I really do lead a pretty boring life actually. The new job is going very well and I am very much enjoying being home at a reasonable hour and actually having time to do stuff after work.

Tomorrow is remembrance Sunday so I will travel down the road first thing to take part in the parade. I have always loved this parade, everyone coming together to show their respect for those that gave everything for us to have what we have now. Where I come from there is a lot of politics around this day and any day linked to the armed forces, really it's all because of one man who thinks he runs the place because he is high up in the British legion, he started his own pipe band years ago because for whatever reason he didn't like us anymore which then caused uproar because we have been going for 40 odd years so all the organisations wanted to march with us not them and it all became a nightmare. Now though their band joins in with us, it's still incredibly weird, none of these people are in any way affiliated with the island its all just a little strange to me. However the fact that everyone now comes together again is the spirit of what this day is all about surely.

After the parade it will be the band's AGM, I am the current president of the committee and expect that I will be asked to stay on in that role. Then I need to visit my mother on the way back up the road, I did some shopping for her in Costco today so I need to drop that off.

Then it's back to work on Monday.

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MegL wrote on November 9, 2019, 5:18 PM

Even if not much is going on, at least you have the opportunity to have some time to yourself and not be so tired you can't enjoy it. Being a president of a committee can be a lot of work too.