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A Surprising Upturn Since Receiving a New AutoPAP

I know that my health or how I feel is not generally that important to 'the next fellow'. However, my experience may well reflect what could happen in your life...or if not in your life, in the life of someone you know. So consider my story. First the mechanics, then the benefits!

The Mechanics

Briefly: I am older and I am overweight. Older due to the passage of time - heavier for a couple of reasons. But one outcome is developing Sleep Apnea. If the reader isn't certain he or she knows what that is, it is written about thoroughly on the Internet. I will not explain that here. However, it involves bad breathing - breathing that needs the assistance of medical technology. In short: an air-pressure controlling device that enables proper, restful, deep, HEALTHFUL sleep.

Over the years, I have had perhaps four such machines. The first two were continuous pressure devices, the latter two so-called auto devices. Pressure for inhaling is greater than the pressure when exhaling. This provides a more normal, comfortable environment.

Well, I'm not knocking the other machines, but the machine I chose and am MOST happy with is the Respironics Dream Station .

My pressure range was upped to the 15-20 bracket. The units don't matter (It is not pounds-per-square-inch, for you science-minded folks).

My sleep "apneas" (call them disruptions), even with my former device were over 12 per hour. Not good, not acceptable. How am I doing with the new machine at the new pressure?

The first night wasn't great. 15.4 apneas per hour.

The second night wasn't good, either, but it was better. 12 apneas per hour.

The third night - last night - was 10.3. Still not good, but as you can see from the progression a lot better!

The Benefits

Before, during the night, I experienced painful arthritis throughout the night. When I got up in the morning, I felt dragged down, knocked about. I have noticed an increased vigor, following an arthritis-free night. I have a more positive spirit. True, the time over which this has happened is only two days. It is possible I am jumping to conclusions. However, if it proves to be so, I will be surprised. You see: sleep apnea is known to be, left untreated, a genuine detriment to health, even a threat to life. Yes, one can die from the condition.

So I am grateful for my machine. Perhaps if I'd lived in an earlier generation, I would not have lived as long as I have. My family tree has been a Bonsai. If you snore a lot, you might wish to inform your family physician.

Image Credit » My new Respironics Dream Station AutoPAP

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MegL wrote on November 7, 2019, 12:52 PM

I hope the number of disruptions continues to fall as you use the machine. That's a great benefit to your arthritis too. Let us know if it continues to improve (or not).

melody23 wrote on November 8, 2019, 11:01 AM

My mum just got a new CPAP, the old one she had you couldn't see your own information the hospital had to remove the memory card and download it but the new one you can log in online and see everything. Being a nurse I am interested to look at the data when I see her next weekend. I'm glad your new machine is working better for you, unfortunately mum's new machine doesn't seem to have made a huge difference to her but she can adjust some settings on the new one herself (and by that I mean I can do it, she would never do it in case she did something wrong, she would be too scared) so that will hopefully help her

VinceSummers wrote on November 8, 2019, 7:24 PM

A really valuable and much appreciated comment.