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I always wanted to be an author, right from the time I was 8 years old and first heard the word "plagiarism". There were no personal computers or games consoles in those days. Families were larger and there was very little traffic and children ran errands for their parents. They were also expected to play outside most of the day, so the girls skipped in the roadway, with a lookout to warn of occasional traffic. Running an errand to the local post office, the postmaster asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I told him "an author", I wanted to write books. He solemnly told me I had to avoid "plagiarism" and I had to ask what that meant. Conversation was very serious in those days and life was not as rushed. The same man showed me how to multiply quickly, using the stamp sheet as an example, demonstrating that you did not need to count the stamps individually but could multiply rows by columns to reach your total quickly.


I have done a lot of writing in my life but never had a book published, until I found out about "Low Content Books". These are books with few words in them. They include diaries, journals, coloring books, puzzle books and any other kind of book that might include blank or lined pages or puzzles for the buyer to do their own writing or working out.

This was a revelation! People bought lots of these, I knew that: but I had not realised I could create them! Now, I did buy some software for creating some types of puzzles and I also bought pictures that could be used for coloring in but I realised I wanted to make my own kinds of books. (Note for would-be authors: this is not the best way to sell your books, you should see what the market is buying first and also what is already being offered.)

Social Media Help

Along with the software and the pictures, the sellers offered help with getting published. There are lots of publishers for low content books. And unlike the vanity publishers, you do NOT need to have 1,000 books printed and then store them in your garage forever: they are "Print On Demand" - POD. That means they get printed ONLY when someone buys one. So, no massive outlay, no stacks of unsold books and no trips around bookshops trying to get them to take a few on a sale or return basis.

First Book

My first book was a travel journal, which I got printed with I ordered a proof copy and realised first of all, that printing in color is VERY EXPENSIVE. Lulu printed me a proof copy and posted it to me and I was very pleased but I need to redo it in black and white because I don't think it would sell at the price required to cover costs. That book was spiral bound, which was useful. I gave the proof copy to my daughter because she does a fair bit of travelling. Next I tried Amazon and the KDP program. It does only paperbacks or ebooks. I needed to have printed books because you can't color in an ebook! I took my time uploading my first book, got a proof copy and once I was sure it had printed fine, I made it live. This was a puzzle book for adults and several got bought as a good teacher gift for the end of the school year - yay a published author with books sold! It had only taken me 60+ years to achieve my goal.

Next Books

I now have two more books live, one for mind maps , with some instruction and blank pages to create your own; and the latest is a 30 day happiness. journal .

Are You A Budding Author?

If you want to try publishing a book, how about trying Amazon's KDP program? It costs nothing to join or create a book and you too might become a published author.


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VinceSummers wrote on June 22, 2019, 1:12 PM

It sounds like your childhood was a well-balanced and happy one. Life was simpler once, wasn't it? As to multiplication and stamps and all of that, it was a good lesson well-received, it seems. I would suggest my trick of threes, as well: . Now as to publishing, I think you chose an interesting route. I once wrote an article that offered a simple Russian crossword puzzle: . I wish I had the ability to do more along this line... Some people don't make it big-time until they are older. For examples, Grandma Moses and Margaret Rutherford. You know her, right?

MegL wrote on June 22, 2019, 2:23 PM

Yes, chunking numbers is a good way to remember them. I find it gets harder as you get older though. Wow making a crossword puzzle in a foreign language! But that was a good idea making the clues in English, and the answers in Russian.
Grandma Moses - artist. Margaret Rutherford - actress.

RonElFran wrote on June 24, 2019, 2:01 AM

I've got plenty of material for a few books. I even joined KDP years ago. But what's been holding me back is that I know I'm not willing to do anything beyond the most minimal promotion. And without an author putting a lot of time and energy into promoting a book, there's not much potential for sales. I'd be interested in knowing if you are getting the kinds of sales you hoped for. Are you doing a lot of promotion?

MegL wrote on June 24, 2019, 5:45 AM

I have done very little yet. Only got a few sales so far.