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Happy Mother's Day Sunday, May 12, 2019

I hope people stop and think about their mother tomorrow with love and admiration, faith and hope for the future for all mothers on this planet. My mother was the best person I have ever known, second only to my wife.

I am blessed to have had lived a good life and was fortunate to have been guided well by the common sense my mother imparted onto me.

I hope Mother's Day 2019 is a good one for everyone. Those mothers who are not recognized by their children or shown appreciation, I want to say, God bless all the mothers who read this. You are loved and you have nurtured your children in the best way that you can and just as the blessed virgin gave us the gift of Jesus Christ to save us all from sin, a mother is part of a sacred promise made by both parents in the honored act of marriage, under God, to be faithful and it is true that many of us today live in the absence of our mother or father. It is a good thing to take time to simply stop and say, I love you and hope for a long and happy life.

The precious nature of mothers is to bear a child and suffer pain from the birth of that child, but after the process, be filled with joy and love to pass on that love to a child so he or she will be confident, and guided properly as to what is wrong and what is right so they can grow up and follow the advice of the wisdom they get from their mother. Cheers to all mothers and hope for many blessings in the life to come.

Below is a link from Crosswalk with Mother's Day prayers to encourage and uplift:

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MegL wrote on May 12, 2019, 10:48 AM

Yes, and all the fathers and grandparents who also provide loving nurturing too.