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My 20 Resolutions

In order to inspire myself to get more things accomplished, improve my life, and help others, I decided to create 20 resolutions to do before 2020. I'll share them here with you:

  1. I will read 20 books by 2020.

  2. I will lose 20 pounds by 2020.

  3. I will cull and donate 20 items from my wardrobe by 2020.

  4. I will fill 20 pages of my sketchbook by 2020.

  5. I will achieve Level 20 in Spanish on Duolingo by 2020.

  6. I will also achieve Level 20 in French on Duolingo by 2020.

  7. I will complete 20 art projects by 2020.

  8. I will make 20 blog posts by 2020.

  9. I will knit 20 hats or scarves for the homeless by 2020.

  10. I will hand-write 20 letters to loved ones by 2020.

  11. I will write 20 web articles by 2020.

  12. I will list 20 new items in my Etsy shop by 2020.

  13. I will make 20 eBay listings by 2020.

  14. I will make 20 charitable contributions by 2020.

  15. I will get 20 things out of my garage by 2020.

  16. I will walk 20 miles a week until 2020.

  17. I will make 20 new friends by 2020.

  18. I will visit 20 new places by 2020.

  19. I will write 20 poems by 2020.

  20. I will take 20 beautiful photographs by 2020.

I felt that, by stating them publicly, I would be more likely to stick to them as best I can, as now I feel somewhat accountable to everyone who reads about them. I also thought it might be neat to share them, in case anyone else gets inspired enough to make similar resolutions.

I started working on these last weekend, which gave me just slightly over 9 months remaining until 2020. So really, I only need to do 2-3 things each month from each category. The kicker, of course, is that there are 20 different categories!

However, the saving grace here is that some things overlap, making them easier. So far, I have completed one art project, which I wrote a blog post about. Check, check. This will be the second web article I have written about the 20 Resolutions themselves, so check, check. I could write reviews of the books I read and make web articles or blog posts about them, or even write poems inspired by them, and then make posts of the poems. The hats and scarves I knit and the wardrobe items I get rid of can go on the charitable donations list, and the stuff I get out of my garage might become eBay listings. Without a doubt, some of the finished art projects are going to end up as Etsy listings!

Hopefully, all this synergy will make things a little easier. Anyway, since I am now a week into it, I'll report that I have currently finished reading one book, lost one pound, culled six items from my wardrobe, finished one art project, written one blog post, two letters, and two web articles, made a donation to The Nature Conservancy, removed three things from my garage, walked 22.64 miles, and made one new friend, Stefanya. I am currently at Level 17 in Spanish and Level 14 in French on Duolingo.

Phew! Well, now to get a start on Week Two. Wish me luck!

Did this inspire you to make any resolutions?

Here is the blog post about my art project, pictured above:

Image Credit » My own picture of my artwork

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MegL wrote on April 6, 2019, 3:04 AM

What a great way to achieve your objectives, especially as some overlap so you can get dual mileage from them! Love it!

VinceSummers wrote on April 6, 2019, 8:05 AM

I'd like to have vision 20-20 by 2020. Cataract surgery. See, I'm really low energy, low drive. Ah, well!

AliCanary wrote on April 14, 2019, 1:32 AM

Vision surgery sounds like a big undertaking, actually. Good luck!

AliCanary wrote on April 14, 2019, 1:33 AM

Thanks! I'm happy about how these will benefit me but also other people, and there are lots of happy side effects, like better health, a cleaner house, and maybe some money in my pocket!