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Walmart will be closing soon this month in Dallas in April of 2019

Now what?

The Walmart Supercenter near Highway 67 on the southwest side of Dallas will be closing it's store within the month. Today is April 4, 2019. We have been shopping there since it first opened in the 80s.

Here is one link to look at:

According to Dallas News Walmart has 400 employees and the actual approximate date the store will be closed is set to be on April 26.

So why is this particular store closing down for good? I mean, the location is in the Redbird area, off Wheatland Road and South Hampton Road at Highway 67 on the southwest edge of Dallas, TX and that area is considered a FOOD DESERT. The reason being, there are many residents in that immediate area or within a 10 mile radius, who rely heavily on public transportation to shop at that store. For other shoppers, who have some form of private vehicle there are a number of other Walmart Supercenters within a 10 mile radius of that specific location.

Efforts to to extend the deadline for the closing is pending.

I don't see closing that store as the answer. I feel personally, that this particular store is a good location and if crime is the problem, they simply need more local police and security guards. It's that simple really. The store was fully stocked and had many reliable associates on the job and this particular store most recently upgraded their in store McDonald's and added a Fed ex in the store. They have had a very good and reliable optical center, hair salon, where I got my hair cut regularly. The idea of shutting the doors in that specific location should be delayed until the needs of the local residents are addressed. I hope the city council will try to find a way to at best, give the people who live in that FOOD DESERT a chance to find other resources.

The city council of Dallas needs to rethink business as usual and stop these closings. We need to try to maintain our business infrastructure, not simply close stores and make it nearly impossible for local residents to find a safe and reliable place to do their necessary shopping.

The worst news I have heard most recently was the discovery of a man who had been dead, inside an SUV that had gone unnoticed for approximately 6 weeks and was discovered decomposed in the back seat of his vehicle. He had been dead since around February of 2019, in the Walmart Supercenter's parking lot.

More on this story from the link below:

I remember not long ago asking the Walmart greeter, "What happened to all the Amigos handicap electric ride-a-long shopping carts?" The greeter told me that they were all gone due to theft. I know I have personally driven by the apartments along Kirnwood that is on the east entrance to the main road that leads into Walmart off Highway 67 at Wheatland Road. There were two of those electric Amigo shopping carts, setting on the lawn, in front of an apartment as if waiting to be rode back to the Walmart by one of the residents there. Not exactly. There is supposed to be a system in place that keeps the electric rid-a-long cart from working past a certain point within the parking lot of the Walmart Supercenter. Apparently some thieves got a bit clever and found a way around that security and had actually drove off from the parking lot to the main road and several blocks away.

The fact is, we need more police on patrol and I for one advocate there be a regular parking lot security detail to make sure, especially in the hot summer months, to do a visual on all parked vehicles within the parking lots of all local retail stores, not to mention Walmart Supercenter parking lots, so they can make certain no person, pet or infant or child is left inside a vehicle and exposed to extreme temperatures at the risk of death from exposure. And of course there has been a surge of homeless people using Walmart stores to hang out. I see this kind of thing more and more in the local public libraries and at a local Kroger, I witness a man who regularly sits in the front end of a store, sitting and idling his time for no other reason than to be out of the heat in summer or out of the cold in winter.

One solution to this one Walmart closing would be to do a makeover of that store or at least, put a public library in it's place, with a coffee shop and a local food mart nearby or a whole foods or Kroger store there, to provide people with some place to get their weekly groceries. There are enough other retail stores nearby to provide the other items but nothing like the all in one store Walmart has become as a one stop shop for all and still there is an issue of those who rely on public transportation who should have an alternative so they can get to other Walmart stores or perhaps other retail grocery stores with in store pharmacies to get their much needed medications. By simply closing shop, will leave local residents, who have depended on this particular Walmart store for their domestic needs, will leave many of them high and dry and put many workers in the unemployment lines.

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MegL wrote on April 4, 2019, 5:21 PM

That's an awful shame. As you say, it makes it harder for those who can't travel or who rely on public transport to get their shopping.

lookatdesktop wrote on April 6, 2019, 10:40 PM

It is a pattern and one that seems to be moving in the direction of favoring the internet more. People will want to order items for pickup or delivery because people who can would rather do this than actually drive to a Walmart . I personally favor going to a store and browsing for things. I think there has been a seriously negative result to this new online process of buying and selling at the click of a mouse. The retail market is moving away from box stores to thumbnail images, from private small business to corporate conglomerates that are run by the stockholders.

Last Edited: April 6, 2019, 10:42 PM

MegL wrote on April 7, 2019, 3:12 AM

Yes, I would agree.