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Sea Level Rise Today

Sea Levels rise when arctic ice melts.

You might not think this is the case, but - after watching Paul Beckwith on YouTube - I have no doubt this is so.

The melting ice sheets from Greenland & Antarctica and the feedback systems changing. "We need to declare a Climate Change Emergency" - quote from the video ... by Paul Beckwith - Climate System Scientist.

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Read about Paul Beckwith at his website

Paul Beckwith at Twitter

Get the latest updates on climate change below:

Climate Action Tracker

Surprising Effects from Rapid Glacier Melt in Greenland and Antarctica

Link 1. Part One: Watch the first part of the YouTube Video

Link 2. Part Two: Watch the second part of the YouTube Video

Additional Links on Abrupt Climate Change:

Black Bear News

Climate State

Nature Bats Last

other YouTube channels I like include

Last Messages, the 20.. Is Strange series, which provides video of catastrophic events worldwide in sequential time periods by month on a year by year basis. But the channel is not climate change specific but just a wake up call to all of us to take notice at the forces of nature and how insane and deadly they can actually be on all points of the globe.

Here is a link to Last Messages on YouTube, for you to take a look at.

Here is another link to Collapse Chronicles on YouTube, that talks about all kinds of things that are taking down this planet from greed, ignorance or plain stupidity. With many videos of interviews and introspection from a regular guy like the rest of us.

And if this doesn't keep you up at night, you are not paying attention.

No Ecosystem will be safe from global warming

There are other resources besides these but the ones I have listed here are good to look at. They are direct, informative and give a voice to inform others who might pass global abrupt climate change as a simple speculation. Look first, then think again.

One more link. How Do We Stop global dimming? Forbes online.


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MegL wrote on February 10, 2019, 6:10 PM

Yes, how anyone can think that climate change is not happening NOW, I do not know!

lookatdesktop wrote on February 10, 2019, 10:23 PM

It has been really hot down under, in Australia. I hear that some areas are having upper 90 degree temperatures as the nighttime low. Imagine that.

Last Edited: February 10, 2019, 10:24 PM