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Getting Ready

Who is ready for the coming holidays? I cannot believe that there are only a few weeks before Christmas. I am ready for Thanksgiving for my fall chores are completed for the most part and I am a little ahead of myself for even Christmas. I have already bought three Christmas presents and only 11 to go. Another question how many of you like receiving homemade presents as in handmade crafts? Christmas is all about Jesus and his birth, but even then it is what he gave to us. He gave us HOPE and LOVE. For the past two holiday seasons there has not been a lot that I have wanted. Oh, I do have a wish list but if I do not get those wishes answered "Oh, well." The only thing I really want for Christmas are a couple dozen raisin and mincemeat filled cookies and some candy from a place where I used to live. They make the best chocolate covered marshmallows and milk and dark chocolate mint patties. I still feel like a little kid this time of year just listening and watching others. I like to decorate the house for Christmas usually the day after Thanksgiving but we are planning to have someone replace my sister's great room walls for after a rainstorm awhile ago they warped and now need replaced. Decorating will be delayed for only one or two days. Anyway I am ready for these two special days.

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MegL wrote on November 12, 2018, 3:34 PM

It's great to be ready ahead of time. There is ALWAYS something turns up to delay you if you leave everything to the last minute! Could you provide a complete URL credit for your picture please? Thanks

lookatdesktop wrote on November 12, 2018, 7:06 PM

Your picture is nice but image credit is not complete.