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Election Day

Today is Election Day. I always considered myself to be an Independent as in political party, but now-a-days it seems that political parties do not matter anyhow for they all put their own particular slant to ideas and plans for the country. All I want is to make enough money to live on and pay my bills on time. I have to admit I do not complain I just live my life the best way I can with what I make. Listening to all the political advertisements on television is what makes politics confusing to me. You do not know what to believe most of the time. Election time is a time of scary people who say they want to help the country, but they are just out for themselves. The image is from my grandnephew and it describes to me that politics is just a big mess.

In today's world politics is it seems all about various movements from the 'MeToo' to and 'HimToo' and other various movements that seem to spring up overnight. Election day we as citizens should remember that we have life, liberty and the be able to have the pursuit of happiness. So go out and listen to your hearts if you are voter.

Image Credit » my own; black and colors

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MegL wrote on November 6, 2018, 2:34 PM

Politics is all about power and always has been. I have always hated politics and probably even more so now. I still vote though (not in the US).

markgraham wrote on November 6, 2018, 2:55 PM

I do not vote but I do not complain either. I just live my day to day life and what comes comes.