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Discovering the Importance of Gut Health & Chiropractics

After discussing my husband's concerns about Medicare Plans for 2020, we talked about natural health and the importance of preventative medicine. Functional medicine helps to prevent or eliminate health conditions through holistic activities - as we get older, this sounds like a better alternative than medication or surgery.

Gut Health

There are good and bad bacteria in our gut. And we know the need to always maintain proper nutrition for strong bones and a longer life. But there are other factors, such as food allergies, exercise, and more. A functional doctor explains how to change your gut habits for a healthier life.


My other half has seven herniated discs. It can be really painful. Chiropractics and acupuncture have helped him endure the discomfort. Nobody wants to face the side effects and dopey feeling that comes with taking meds.

We're trying to change our approach so we can forge forward and enjoy our golden years together now that the kids are grown. We earned this time!

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MegL wrote on October 19, 2018, 2:50 AM

Yes, it's important to take personal responsibility for health.

VinceSummers wrote on October 19, 2018, 12:33 PM

Although I have some back pain, it is not really pain in the usual sense. My spine is fine, but my lower back muscles quickly demand I sit. I should engage in specialized exercises to strengthen those muscles, but it is just so easy to sit!

kyntoxicity wrote on October 24, 2018, 11:34 PM

As Hippocrates said “All Disease Begins in The Gut.
"But what are the root cause of the world's diseases? It is INSUFFICIENT NUTRITION
-this simply means that the nutrients we eat DO NOT REACH their cellular level.
And the KEY FACTOR why nutrients didn't reach the cells is because of - POOR ABSORPTION.
-and 'poor absorption' is directly related to 'POOR DIGESTION'
And the MAIN REASON why our bodies 'do not DIGEST optimally' is because
"we lack adequate amounts of HIGH QUALITY PROBIOTICS!"

Here in Philippines I'm one of the people that are active in 'Probiotic Revolution' and over 400 doctors and many users of this certain product acknowledged it. Not to mention that over 17,000 medical journals about 'Probiotics'.
That's why we need the right 'Probiotics' to take nowadays. Not just to say that it is 'Probiotic' it is good now. Just I've mention above "adequate amounts of HIGH QUALITY PROBIOTICS". We need to educate people about this.
I think it's not allowed here to endorse something, but just beep me if you're willing to know more. emoticon :smile:
Hoping for your Golden years to be lived to the fullest! Cheers! :)